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Table 6 Short list of two potential candidate causative variants for the Original Braunvieh populationa

From: Mining massive genomic data of two Swiss Braunvieh cattle populations reveals six novel candidate variants that impair reproductive success

Haplotype-region information Gene OMIM/OMIA Associated disorder/gene function Variant designationb
Name Approach Genomic position Transcript Coding DNA change Protein change
OH2 Trio and pgp TUBGCP5 608147 Proper formation of the mitotic spindles chr2:1268426 NM_001102495.1 c.311C>A p.Thr104Lys
OH4 Trio and pgp LIG3 600940 Embryonic lethality chr19:15080335 NM_001038107.2 c.2483_2484 + 4delAGGTGC p.Lys828fs
  1. Chr chromosome, OH OB haplotype
  2. aComprehensive list available in Table S5 (see Additional file 6: Table S5)
  3. bAccording to the reference sequence ARS-UCD1.2 [36] and NCBI Annotation Release 106 [54]