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Table 1 Overview of the phenotypic characteristics of the 11 investigated caprine populations

From: Runs of homozygosity in Swiss goats reveal genetic changes associated with domestication and modern selection

Breed Shoulder height (cm, ♂/♀) Body weight (kg, ♂/♀) Coat color (predominant agouti allele)
Appenzell goat (APZ) 85/75 75/55 White (AWt)
Grisons Striped goat (BST) 85/75 75/55 Black with Swiss markings (Asm)
Capra Grigia (CAG) 87/80 65/45 Grey/Roan (Abz)
Chamois Colored goat (GFG) 85/75 75/55 Reddish brown with black badgerface pattern (Ab)
Nera Verzasca (NER) 90/80 80/60 Solid black (Abz)
Peacock goat (PFA) 85/75 85/60 Black and white peacock pattern (Apc)
Saanen goat (SAN) 90/80 85/60 White (AWt)
St. Gallen Booted goat (STG) 80/72 70/45 Reddish brown with black badgerface pattern (Ab)
Toggenburg goat (TOG) 85/75 75/55 Brown with Swiss markings (Asm)
Valais Blackneck goat (VAG) 85/75 75/55 Black cranial half and white caudal half (Abz)
Bezoar goat (Capra aegagrus, BEZ)a 100/90 85/60 Complex pattern (wildtype, Bezoar) (Abz)
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